Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad Sammy

I think I mentioned earlier that Charlie has been transitioning to the preschool class at school. Each day he gets to spend a little more time with Miss Jenny and her Lucky Ladybugs (the 3 year old class name). Charlie is loving it, but Sammy is having major separation anxiety.

Charlie and Sammy do everything together. The term Irish twins is very apt in many ways, as I think they operate and relate to each other in many of the same ways as a set of true twins would. At home they play together constantly. I rarely see one of them off by themselves. In fact, Charlie refuses to go into the downstairs toy room without Sam. (I think he sees Sammy a bit as his protector from the Booger Man, which Charlie believes lives downstairs at our house. And no, I did not mean Boogie Man). They eat together, nap together, and brush their teeth together. Over the summer when I took them to the daycare at Lifetime Fitness, Sammy was confined to the toddler room, as he was not yet two. So, Charlie would go into the toddler room too, even though he didn't have to, to be with his other half.

Sammy is distraught that Charlie is now in a different classroom at school. He stands by the gate most mornings and looks for Charlie in the big kid room. If they pass each other in the kitchen, they both stop for a hug and a few minutes to hold each other's hand. His teacher says he has been acting up lately, and pretty naughty and I know it is because he is missing Charlie. This morning on the way to school Sammy burst into tears and said, "I NOT a toddler! Sammy go too!" And I knew right away what he was talking about.

It breaks my heart. I know that in a lot of ways this is good for them, and will help them to develop separate identities, but I am still so sad for Sammy.

It makes me a lot more understanding of the twins I have come through my classroom who's parents don't want to separate them. It's just plain HARD.

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Christy M. said...

Awwww. I hope it gets easier for them. My heart breaks just reading about their separation anxiety. In the end, like you said, it will probably be beneficial, but still. Poor little guys. :(

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