Friday, December 05, 2008

Mission Accomplished

The good news first-our computer power cord arrived today and I BACK Internet! I am BACK! Ah-the joys of Facebook and blogging. It's better than your first cup of coffee in the morning.

I am so excited. Every year I try and get one big gift in addition to the little ones that the kids get from Santa that will kind of be a creme de la creme of toys. This year my mission was to find a Wii. I saw a bunch of them on Black Friday when I was out. Sadly for me, I hadn't yet decided this would be the thing for us. About a week later when I tried to find one-they were nowhere to be seen. I have looked everywhere in stores and come to the conclusion you need to stalk the store to know when stock is delivered and then haul ass to the electronics department when it is so that you can tackle a bunch of people to get one.

So today, after about an hour of searching online, I FINALLY found one that was miraculously in stock. THANK YOU LORD!

With the exception of two gifts, I can now say that I am done Christmas shopping.

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