Thursday, February 16, 2006

Warning....Mushy Alert!

I had heard before I had Charlie that sometimes having a child makes a couple's relationship more difficult, so I was a little bit worried (never having experienced having a child in a couples situation where the guy actually wanted to hang around and raise the baby with me!). Luckily, I can report that this has had exactly the opposite effect for Jeff and I. I have been trying to explain to him why I am 100% more head over heals in love with him since going through labor with him, but I can't seem to put it into words. Jeff has tried to understand the reasoning, but I think he is just happy to bask in the glow of my not being able to get enough time, snuggles, and laughs with him. There is something so powerful about being able to look into the face that you and your husband have created, and to watch your husband love the child you have created, and to see him care for the baby. Even seeing Jeff change diapers makes me love him more! Maybe it is because I appreciate it so much more after going through it alone with Evan, I don't know. All I do know is that I LOVE MY HUSBAND!! (And I love him so much more than on our wedding day, which I didn't think was possible). Don't get me wrong...he can still make me more irritated and discombobulated (don't you love that word?) than any other human being, but I guess that is part of the deal.

We had a great Valentine's Day. Jeff actually got home before 8 o'clock, which is a miracle for ConAgra employees, so we had some nice time to talk and spend together. Jeff got me a CD I've been wanting for ages...don't laugh...Stevie Wonder. I love those wanky wank songs he did in the 70s! Charlie gave me a great present too...a night of good sleep. He is getting better and better through the night.

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