Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Stuff

I have been away from this blog for way too long...but school this is year is making SO.DARN.TIRED!!!

I don't know if it is the added responsibility of having two in school this year, or if I was just way too lazy this summer, but every night has seen me ready for sleep by 9:00.

Charlie, for the most part, is loving Kindergarten.

Here he is with his new teacher this year.  I think he is learning a lot already!  He loves art class, library, and math, but was horrified to discover he has to go to music classes.  After he went to music the first time, he told me "Mom, can you believe this school wants to teach me how to sing?!!"  He is also not a fan of the After School Care program that he goes to for about half an hour after school until I can pick him up.  Hopefully as he gets used to the routine, this will get better.  Evan was a good big brother and went with him to After School Care the whole second week of school just so Charlie could feel more comfortable.  I love it when they love each other!!

My class is awesome this year!  They are already so well behaved and eager to learn that it has been fun to go to work everyday.  I also have a student teacher for the first time, and that has been so much fun!  She is already an outstanding teacher, and I am learning a lot from her.

Evan is not loving Junior High, which makes me sad, but when I think back on it, I don't know many people who do.  I can't think of one person who says "I would do anything to go back to Junior High!"  It is such an awkward stage of life.  I suppose it is something we all just have to get through.  Having him be a grump everyday after school has been a little tiring.

I became an Aunt again this week when my sister had her 4th...little Leo John.  It was exciting to meet him last night.  One of my favorite friends at school had her baby not even 24 hours after my sister, so it has been raining babies this week!  Unfortunately for Jeff, I now have some major baby fever.  Sadly, we are done adding to our family, so I am concentrating on my three awesome boys who keep me hopping...such as when Sammy threw a major fit before school yesterday when he didn't like the clothes I picked out for him for school pictures.  He told me "Mom, you just don't know ANYTHING about good clothes!"  Holy cow!  From my 4 year old BOY!  He is such a fashionista!!  I don't know what we'll do when he has to wear a uniform to school next year!

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Meredith said...

Hi Kristy, stopping by from the Group 46 checkin...
I had no idea that we had so much in common.

My first inservice was today. I am exhausted.
I have so much left to do to get my room ready (band teacher) and then so much music to photocopy and get ready.

My oldest son starts Kindergarten on Wednesday, and I am emotional about that, too.


I am glad that your class is coming together so quickly! That is wonderful!

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