Saturday, August 29, 2009


Our neighborhood is located a ways outside of the city limits. While our neighborhood is nice, but not particularly rich, the neighborhoods surrounding us are. Because of this, several different companies who go door to door have been dropping off van loads of their door to door salesman in and around our neighborhood. In the last week alone we have been approached by 5 different people.

What drives me nuts is that these so called "salesmen", who are usually peddling magazines, candles, candy, or cleaners, usually look like gang members recently released from the state pen. They usually arrive when Jeff isn't home from work yet, and I am alone with the kids. Charlie and Sammy are trying to hang out the door to talk to them, the cat is trying to run away, and meanwhile the gang member is letting loose with a really aggressive sales pitch. Being alone, I have the vague feeling that I may get shot if I refuse to buy something. The other day my neighbor Tom helped me get rid of one guy who was extremely pushy. I was SO grateful, but I am ridiculously annoyed by these people. Today I was ready to pull into our driveway when I noticed another salesman at our neighbor's house. In order to avoid him, we drove around our neighborhood for 10 minutes, because I didn't want him to accost me while I was getting the kids out of the car.

Is there someone I can call about this? I have no idea, especially as we are outside of the city limits. I noticed one of our neighbors had affixed a no soliciting sign to their door today, so I did the same. I don't know if it will help, as I have the feeling some of these people can't read, but I am hopeful. You shouldn't have to be afraid when your doorbell rings.

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