Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nervous Nellie

Guess what I did today?

I did 7 loads of laundry. And I mean washed, dried, folded, and put away.
I helped Evan with his home eye therapy.
I cooked a down home, Sunday dinner with all the fixins. Even gravy!
I cleaned up the kitchen, and scrubbed it down twice. Once after lunch, once after dinner.
I made and frosted cupcakes.
I labeled all of Evan's school supplies and stashed them in his backpack.
I mowed the lawn. After a recent fertilizer application and 20 million inches of rain this weekend, I managed to fill the entire 96 gallon yard waste container.
I gave 4 haircuts-one to each of my handsome guys. One of the best things my mom ever taught me was how to give a boy haircut. I think we save about $50 with each round I do at home.
I made sun tea.
I scrubbed the floors, and I vacuumed.

Don't get the wrong idea-this is WAY more than I accomplish in a regular day. So why in the world did I treat myself like a work horse today? Because...I AM A NERVOUS WRECK! And when I am nervous, I clean and organize to make myself feel better. Lucky for my neuroses, living in a house with four boys provides me with ample cleaning and organizational opportunities.

Why am I nervous? Because school starts on Tuesday. I don't care how many times I go through the first day of school, I am always, always nervous. I wonder if my students are half as nervous as I am. Or if they know I am nervous too, just like they are! It's always fine, but I always worry ahead of time, and I want it to be a great day for all of my kiddos. Worrying is something I am very talented at. I'll probably give myself an ulcer, but at least my house will be clean.

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John and Teresa said...

Ok, I am exhausted just from reading this!

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