Sunday, February 17, 2008

Charlie is not Afraid of the Water

I had the nicest afternoon on Friday (which was nice, since the rest of the weekend has been filled with three sick boys and their green snotty noses). I signed Charlie up for spring swim lessons at Swimtastic awhile ago. His preschool teacher, who is also a swim teacher at Swimtastic, thought it would be a good idea if we took Charlie to a family swim time there because she was really worried that he wouldn't get into the water at all at lessons (which makes me wonder how well she actually knows my child, because I wasn't worried about that at all, but whatever). Charlie was thrilled to FINALLY be allowed behing the glass wall and into the WATER he has lusted over the last 6 weeks of watching Evan swim. He loved floating on his back, on his front, was not scared at all to put his face in the water, and went down their water slide of his accord at least 10 times. I would have been terrified at that age to go down a shute and splash into deep water, but he thought it was all a lark. I think lessons will go fine! The best part was we met Christi and her little fish Alyssa there and we got a Koch fix in. Even though we had to shout bits of conversation at each other while our kids were in and out of the water, it was still so nice!!! I wish I lived next door to Christi. Then we could be like Lucy and Ethel.

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Adam said...

Who would be Lucy and who would be Ethel? (Not that I'm _that_ familiar with the show...)

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