Thursday, December 14, 2006


I was feeding Sam in the living room at about 5:15 this morning, when someone began ringing the doorbell repeatedly. When I went to the window by the door, I saw a Douglas County Sheriff's Officer outside. Apparently a group of silly teenagers were going through our neighborhood breaking out the windows of cars parked outside by throwing rocks at them. Jeff's car had been parked outside, and they had broken out the rear and driver's side windows. There was body damage as well from the rock. We filed a police report with the officer working on our street and luckily, the windows are replaced already. The company came out and fixed things right at ConAgra which was great. However, it's just one more disaster before Christmas. Some gremlin has it out for the Kleffman family!


sectheatre said...

That sucks!!!

Asten said...

I saw in the OWH that there was a rash of these going from bellevue or something south out to fremont, with over 100 'victims'. What kind of arse does that? yeesh

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