Monday, March 21, 2011

My Girls

We had a wedding shower on Saturday for my brother Creighton's fiance Lindsey.  It was so much fun to spoil her and see family and friends!  My Aunt Connie took this awesome picture of my sister Sarah, me, and Lindsey.  I love it!  I also love that Lindsey is now an official member of the family.  I tell Creighton all the time that if I could choose anyone to join our family, it would be Lindsey.  She is wonderful, and we are so lucky.

My niece Brooke is in the corner.  Besides my Mom, we are the ONLY girls in our family!  Can you believe it?  Sarah is currently pregnant with the 6th grandson for my parents. 

I hope Lindsey's future includes some girl babies for us to love!

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John and Teresa said...

what a great picture of you ladies! i can't tell you enough how sad i am that i missed the shower. we're feeling really disconnected at our church so i went to the retreat in an attempt to try to connect with people. i am SOOOOO excited for the wedding! lindsey is such a sweetheart and i agree, the perfect fit for your family. bring on more girls!

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