Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Hodge Podge

I was very glad to wake up this morning to a world the same as always, despite the Mayan apocalypse yesterday.  I've really been looking forward to Christmas vacation and the holidays!  It would have been a bad time for the world to end.  I 95% didn't believe it was going to happen, but do those end of the world predictions ever make you wonder?  Give you just the tiniest bit of doubt?  Hope I'm not the only one!

Yesterday was my parent's 38th wedding anniversary.  I thought about my Dad all day,  He and my Mom had planned on having an anniversary/end of the world party yesterday to be held in the afternoon.  You know, to get the festivities in before the world ended!  I love his sense of humor.  It would have been a great party.  I spent a lot of the day thinking about how we would have been celebrating, what we would have been doing, how different the day would have felt.  All of his missed opportunities make me so sad.

Hasn't the Christmas season flown by?  I feel like I have been so busy with the boys and with school that I haven't had much of an opportunity to soak up the things I love about Christmas.  I am trying to savor every moment in these last few days...especially since school is out for a few days for the holidays.  I think our wacky warm weather as of late has been a lot of the problem.  It just hasn't felt like Christmas or winter.  Now that our neck of the woods was covered in 10 inches of snow on Thursday, it certainly feels more festive.

I am off to do some last minute Christmas shopping (I am sure to regret waiting until the last minute), and to accomplish some Christmas errands.  Merry Christmas!!

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