Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sammy's Preschool Graduation

I finally got around to downloading pictures off of my camera today.  I have pictures all the way back from May to go through!  I am for sure behind with documenting our summer.

In May, Sammy graduated from preschool.  It was sad for me in all of the usual ways...not ready for him to go to Kindergarten, not wanting my baby to be SO grown up!  But it was extra hard this time around, as it also meant a good bye from our family to our daycare for the last 14 years.  We have been incredibly blessed to have our children attend the daycare at my school (which is only for children of school staff members), which is staffed by the most incredible and caring women ever.  I have been dropping my children off for school here every morning for 10 years now (my Mom did it for me before that, long story).  It will be so strange not to have this as part of our daily routine this year.

 Sammy, Jeff, and I pre-graduation ceremony in my classroom.  Evan took this picture!  It's nice to finally get some shots with me in the picture.
 Sammy with his best preschool friends Gabe and Michael.  It's a fun experience to watch these kiddos develop friendships, since they have been together since birth.
 Sammy's graduating class with his teachers (left to right) Miss Karen, Miss Taylor, and Miss Jenny.  My Mom (aka Miss Kathy) is the infant teacher, and she is standing in the back.
 Family picture.  I hesitate to post this, as several of us look pretty goofy in this picture, but it was literally the best one of all the family pics.  I guess it shows the craziness of life with three boys :)
 My Mom with Sammy at our celebration dinner at Applebees.  Our waitress was in love with Sammy and brought him no less than THREE very large chocolate milks.  Which Sammy then threw up all over the table at the end of dinner.  EXTREMELY embarrassing, but it has already become a cherished family story among the boys.  "Remember that time Sammy threw up on the table at Applebees?  And then he did it again in the parking lot?" one of them will say, which will always lead to a fit of the giggles.  I know someday one of them will tell this story to Sammy's wife.
This is Sammy with his incredibly awesome preschool teacher Miss Jenny on his very last day of preschool.  Sammy is holding his well loved Lambie.  Lambie was a present from my Mom and Dad when they visited Ireland when Sammy was one.  He has not left Sammy's side since, and came to school with Sammy every single day after his arrival.  I told Miss Jenny that Lambie deserved a preschool diploma too.  Poor Lambie will have to wait in the car when Sam goes to Kindergarten.

I am not ready to be done with this stage of our life as a family.  My children are growing at warp speed!

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