Sunday, February 07, 2010


I was able to spend most of the day yesterday with my Dad at the hospital. It was nice to be able to send my Mom home for a little bit to rest, run some errands, and take a shower. She seemed to be more relaxed and refreshed when she returned, which was a relief. She has been at my Dad's side since everything happened, and I worry about the toll this is taking on her as well.

Dad was better, but not better, all at the same time. The bleeding has stopped, and the pain is reduced, which is wonderful. We are thankful for small victories. On the other hand, he has so much blood from the hemorrhage in his abdomen it looks like he is 5 months pregnant. The pressure this extra fluid is putting on his organs makes it hard for him to eat and drink more than a small amount, and to take a full breath. He is off the narcotic pain relief which has eased his nausea, but that leaves him with substantial pain when shifting or walking.

Yesterday he was allowed to walk from the bed to the bathroom, and it was amazing how much this small task exhausted him. I think that is what really hit me tired he is, and how weak he is. He would drop off to sleep in the middle of a sentence, and the smallest of movements would take his breath away. He looks so much older than he did a few days ago, and that is hard to see.

It's going to be a long recovery process, longer than I originally thought. We expect him to be in the hospital until at least Monday or Tuesday, and to be off of work for much longer than that. This adds a whole new layer of stress to the situation, as both of my parents are away from work for an extended period.

I want to say thank you to each of you who have said a prayer for him. The very best part of the internet is the friendships and communities it creates, and I am so thankful for real life and blogging friends this week. My family and I have felt so supported and loved, and I can't thank each of you enough. I will be praying that each of you and your families have a wonderful week ahead.

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