Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend From Hell

I have just had the WORST weekend. It all actually started before the weekend on Thursday afternoon. When I picked up Charlie from daycare, he was pretty congested in his chest, and that night had a pretty scary asthma attack. Since he had no other symptoms, I assumed it was purely his asthma that was bothering him. By Friday morning he was running a low grade temp (not high enough to stay home from daycare) and he had a strange rash on his cheeks. Not seeing anything else wrong with him, I took him to school since I had a conference to attend. My mom was sick and gone from work that day with pink eye, but I told the other workers there that he did have a low grade temp, I showed them the rash, and I said if ANYTHING seems weird, or if his temp goes up, call me and I will come get him. They didn't, but nonetheless by the time I picked him up he had a temp of 101.5. (Made me realize how nice it is to have my mom the nurse there!!!) He proceeded to get worse all day Saturday until 11:00 when we progressed to the "I am so miserable all I can do is scream" stage. His fever was 102, he had thick green snot, his cheeks were so irritated they were bleeding in places, and he had a constant cough that was affecting his asthma. He literally didn't sleep Saturday night, or at all during the day Sunday, which of course means I didn't either. Too top it off, on Sunday I started running a fever too, and today I feel like crap. So Charlie and I are both home from school today (so much for not using up my leave days before Sam is born). The thing that really scares me is I can't get him to drink more than a couple swallows at a time, and yesterday he only had 2 wet diapers. We are going in to the doctor at 1:15. Then, to top of my day, Tekla (my parent's dog) is being put to sleep this afternoon. At least Charlie has finally given in, and is now taking a nap. I think I will go take one too.

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Adam said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear what you're both going through. I'll send you "get well" thoughts throughout the day.

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